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Pokémon Go: Which team is the best for me?

The whole world is crazy about Pokemon Go hack pokecoins free! Here we have all the important information on the game for you:

Update 26 July'

Pokemon Go would be only half as cool, if it is not the arena fights would give. Therefore, it is an important decision, which the three teams you're connecting: From level 5 you can choose between Team Intuition (yellow), Team Wisdom (blue) and Team Valour (red) select
We tell you what that team is and what it says about you as a person.

Team Intuition (Leader: Spark)

If you like Team connects intuition, you belong to the minority. Only 26% of all players choose yellow and be close to the leader Spark in. If you are a part of this team, you take the whole Rivalry history probably not as serious as it about wisdom and daring do.

You're a relaxed type and just play just to have fun and to catch rare Pokemon. Nevertheless, you're not a wimp and other coaches should take heed before you in.

If you capture arenas, stands for you while the friendly duel in the foreground. If you lose time, you'll get no bad mood. If you yourself team connects intuition So you're not like most other coaches - and that makes you special.

Team Valour (Leader: Candela)

Members of Team Valor have one goal in mind: "To be the best, as it was not in front of me." Known for their hothead mentality, shoot the coach of the red team sometimes a little over the top. But does exactly this passion they also stark Pokemon trainers: each arena is conquered and every Pokemon are caught.

The rivalry with the other teams is very important you: You would kilometer long distances on foot to take you to reclaim your arena. Even in the middle of the night you're going to have Pokemon Hunt. This game was made for you and you will be the best, no matter what it costs!

Team Wisdom (Leader: Blanche)

Who chooses team wisdom, like both the rivalry and peace. You take every challenge, but have no problem with it, to tackle the whole thing a little more relaxed.

Fights are to begin in the arenas and legendary Pokemon for you as important as meeting new people from other teams and just have fun in the game. While you a bring red Arena almost always in a fighting mood, but can also previously quiet a few hours pass with your friends before you talk until you're the next duel.

At the end of the day, however, what team you do not care belongest. Pokemon Go hack pokecoins free is a cool game and just because someone is in a different group, than oneself, that does not mean that you can not be friends. Always remember: the fun is in the foreground!

What's Pokémon Go?

You've gambled Pokémon earlier on the Game Boy or the console? Back then you had to travel by young trainer Ash from Pallet Town by the world, captured Pokémon, develop and fight against vicious opponents. Similar works Pokémon Go.

The makers of Ingress have with Nintendo the Agumented Reality Mobile Game developed for iOS and Android . Officially it is since July 13 for all smartphone users freely available. After you have you downloaded the game, You may as First Your Edit Avatar . Here you can choose the hair, eye color and other things between male or female.

And then it's also going on already. First dive Charmander, Bulbasaur and Shiggy , of which thou shalt catch right one, but do not. Insider Tip : If you like the three just ignore several times, the all so popular Pikachu appears that you can then begin first.

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